Blown Extrusion

One of the most common ways in producing polyethylene film is the blowing film extrusion method. At this stage, the R&D team use different masterbatches such as colors, anti-static, anti-fog, processing aids, slip, antioxidants and… to maintain consistent quality in the blending process.

Advantages of blown film :

  • European technology
  • Produced in 3 layers
  • Production up to 2 meters wide
  • Production from 6 to 150 microns thickness
  • Reducing thickness and increasing strength

Cast Extrusion

Cast film extrusion is a continuous process in which the melted material is chilled on the cold roller. The outcome film separates from the cold roller and wraps into a roll. In extrusion process, based on customer needs, research and development team uses different masterbatches like colors, anti-static, anti-fog, processing aids, slip, antioxidants and… to maintain consistent quality in the blending process.


Extrusion Lamination

Lamination extrusion is a process in which two different materials without the use of adhesives are transformed into the composite film with different properties, which can include plastic, paper, nonwoven, and even aluminum foil.

Advantages :

European technology

Produced in 6 layers

10 to 192 cm Width

Production from 10 to 40 gsm thickness

Thickness reduction

Lamination process without using adhesive


Color Matching System

Choosing the Suitable color and color consistency is one of the most important concerns of brand owners whose packaging is their biggest ambassador. Alkan, by utilizing several different technologies with specialist advice able to solve many of brand packaging concerns.” Alkan” based on principles such as calibration of monitors with printing profiles and machines, or maintaining a stable supply of raw materials, it has the highest accuracy in color combination and matching.

Advantages :

Utilizing a color management system

Provide final pre-print profiles to customers

Calibrate all system components including monitors, print profiles and printing machines

Full automatic colour combination with minimal fluctuation

Analysis and formulation of advanced inks by advance software and equipment

No need for print controller during the printing process


Flexo Printing Technology

Flexo printing department Equipped with 2 professional eight color flexo printing machines, with a wide range of cylinders. Each machine can print and cut at high speeds simultaneously. These processes are supported by utilizing professional adhesive stereotypy with Smart GPS technology. The most important process in printing is drying liquid colour at the right time base on speed of the printing machine. Therefore, the analysis of residual solvents on the print surface and the controlling evaporation rate with laboratory apparatus is carried out continuously by our specialists.

advantages Utilizing Advanced German technology in printing machines

Auto-register and GPS to controlling the color matching speed

Stability in composite, solvent, adhesive and stereo suppliers to minimize print fluctuation

Using specialized inks for all types of materials (PET, Bopp, PE, CPP, etc.)

Using Health-Approved Films and Ingredients, in the Food, Cosmetics Industries

Utilizing specialized software and modern equipment for controlling color in the printing process