Hygiene Packing

When it comes to hygiene products, quality and health are top priorities for today’s consumers. That’s why
ALKAN has developed a line of hygiene packaging solutions that meet global health standards and exceed
customer expectations. Our bags are designed to be strong, moisture-resistant, and customizable to your
needs. And with our soft packaging for baby and adult diapers, sanitary napkins, and tissues, you can trust
that your product is in good hands.

Film & Bags(Tissue / Diaper /Sanitary Napkins)

Discover a new level of packaging excellence with our revolutionary Film & Bags, designed exclusively for tissue, sanitary napkins and diaper packaging.

Bundle Bags

Elevate your packaging game with our innovative and ecofriendly bundle bags.

Jumbo Bags

Unleash the Power of Jumbo Bags for All Your Storage and logistic Needs!

Features and Specifications